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By Lanny Harrison

Join us for the opening reception of our last exhibition of the year with Lanny Harrison on October 6th from 4pm-7pm!

Lanny Harrison is a theater & movement teacher, visual artist, performer & poet. She has been making art all her life – scissors & paper were early friends. Over the years, the stage has been: forest glen, school auditorium, city night club, tent platform, concert hall, little barn.

Since the early 70’s, Ms Harrison has been affiliated with West Kortright Centre founding the Intro to Acting & East Meets West Workshops. She teaches at NYU’s Gallatin School and runs an ongoing workshop, Characters in Motion, in NYC. Her book Characters in Motion – a workbook of Improvisational Exercises – will be published soon.

Ms. Harrison has resided in East Meredith since 1971 as well as in Chelsea, NYC. She also spends time with her daughter and partner and grandchild in the bay area of California.

Artist Statement

EARTH ALTARS reflect my respect and love for the natural world – how wondrous it is!

DANCING DEITIES celebrate the joy of the dance and the interconnectedness of all beings.

In both ALTARS & DEITIES, I explore, through framing, how boundaries are permeable and subject to change. The imagery reveals how affected we are by our planet’s mysteries and by the power of what grows, flies, crawls, walks, stands, sways, swims, blossoms, roots. Even what is (seemingly) solid transforms and morphs into another form. These collages, made over the past five years, are from calendars, scientific journals, wrapping paper, maps, old design paper – all saved material – what’s available, what strikes the fancy. Mixing world images with my cut-outs and painting allows a freedom of expression – both visually and poetically.

Collage making runs in my family. My sister’s kitchen was completely collaged, floor to ceiling, including the fridge. Her wit with scissors still resounds in my being. My daughter is a mighty collagist with plant life being her constant inspiration.

Collage brings play and unexpected fun into one’s life.

The exhibition is open by appointment October 6th-November 3rd

Lanny Harrison


Lanny Harrison


Lanny Harrison


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