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YOUTH (Under 30) $25+ 1 member ticket per event
FRIEND $45+ (or $5/month sustainer) 2 member tickets per event
CONTRIBUTOR $100+ (or $10/month sustainer) 4 member tickets
SUPPORTER $200+ (or $20/month sustainer) 6 member tickets
PATRON $500+ (or $50/month sustainer) 8 member tickets
BENEFACTOR $1000+ (or $100+/month sustainer) unlimited member tickets

Membership benefits include:

• Reduced ticket & workshop prices (for children and grandchildren, too)
• No fees for concert tickets purchased online
• Ushering opportunities (with free admission to performances)
• Facility rental privileges
• A voice in the future of the WKC
• The satisfaction in knowing you are helping to sustain our work!

The current membership period is from April 1, 2022 – March 31, 2023.

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