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Membership Levels

New this year—become a monthly sustaining member!

YOUTH (Under 30) $25+ 1 member ticket per event
FRIEND $45+ (or $5/month sustainer) 2 member tickets per event
CONTRIBUTOR $100+ (or $10/month sustainer) 4 member tickets
SUPPORTER $200+ (or $20/month sustainer) 6 member tickets
PATRON $500+ (or $50/month sustainer) 8 member tickets
BENEFACTOR $1000+ (or $100+/month sustainer) unlimited member tickets

Membership benefits include:

• Reduced ticket & workshop prices (for children and grandchildren, too)
• No fees for concert tickets purchased online
• Ushering opportunities (with free admission to performances)
• Facility rental privileges
• A voice in the future of the WKC
• The satisfaction in knowing you are helping to sustain our work!

All memberships received by the first week of May are recognized in the Playbill. The current membership period is from April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021.

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