2018 Playbill Advertising

playbillWhy support the arts?
•Build market share
•Reinforce your brand
•Reach new customers
•Generate goodwill
•A thriving arts community helps
recruit & retain talent
•The arts contribute to the local
economy & quality of life
•Arts drive tourism

By placing an ad in our 2018 Playbill, you bring valuable financial support
to our programming while reaching a sizable audience with your ad message.
We print 1,500 high-quality playbills, which are seen by more than 7,500 visitors to The Centre each year. Playbill advertisers are also listed on our website and in an online playbill, as well as thanked via social media.

Contact caitlyn@westkc.org for more information.
Download the Playbill information packet: Playbill Advertising Packet 2018