Memorial Gift

A memorial gift is a meaningful way to remember a loved one while supporting an organization that played a part in their life.

After you have made your contribution in memory or in honor,  acknowledgement letter or email will be sent to the person(s) you designate
We do not specify the amount of the donation unless you request it, and you may customize your message to the recipient.
If you need notification of a donation in memory or in honor to arrive more quickly, please choose to donate and send an e-card.

All donations to the West Kortright Centre are fully tax-deductible as provided by law.

You can make a donation online, or send a check to:
West Kortright Centre
49 West Kortright Church Rd
East Meredith, NY

A note accompanying the gift should indicate:

  • The fund to which the gift is directed (Program, Endowment, or Young People’s Theater Arts Workshops Scholarships)
  • The person, people, or group this gift is being made in honor or memory of
  • The name AND address of the person or people who should be notified of this gift