Singing with your Heart, Soul, & Body with Sloan Wainwright

In this 3-hour workshop, we will move our bodies, soften our hearts, open our mouths, and let our voices out to play. With an emphasis on vocal health and self-care, we’ll use a combination of vocal warm-ups and work-outs—traditional and non-traditional—to help relax, release, and strengthen the voice, making it more flexible and reliable. Individual attention is offered, as well as to the group as a whole; each student will be supported in developing their own personal vocal practice. 
This class is for singers AND non-singers alike. 

(8/11) American Roots Harmony Singing with Val Mindel

In this 3-hour workshop, you’ll create chord-based country harmonies and the characteristic buzzy close-harmony blend that is so much a part of American roots music. The afternoon features non-stop American old-time, bluegrass, and country harmony singing, working knee-to-knee with other workshop participants.