Behind the Scenes: Technical Theater 2019

Interested in working behind the scenes?
This workshop teaches set design and fabrication, as well as lighting, props, and sound design and implementation.
Participants will be running both shows of the Shakespeare in the Valley production on August 2 & 3.

The Art of Comedy

With Hana Roth Seavy 
What makes something funny? Explore the history of comedy and practice improv, slapstick, physical comedy & more!
Three days in July (Wed/Thur/Wed)
Ages 12–19

Shakespeare 2019

This extremely creative four-week ensemble acting workshop will culminate in two fully staged productions of Macbeth on August 2nd & 3rd.
Ages 13-19

Theater Games 2019

Teamwork, self-confidence, storytelling, body awareness, and a sense of adventure are developed as children learn to take to the stage and transform it using their bodies, voices, and imaginations. For ages 6-9.

Music for Shakespeare

With Stephen Bennett
This 4-week workshop culminates in performing the music for the August 2 & 3rd performances at the Shakespeare in the Valley event

Acting Skills Workshop

A three-day supplementary workshop for teens 13-19 who want to spend a little more time learning a variety of acting skills that will help them in Shakespeare and beyond. Improv, viewpoints, and text analysis are some of the techniques we will explore. (Open to all students ages 13 to 19, whether or not they register for other WKC Young People’s Theater Arts Workshops)