WKC Annual Invitational Benefit Auction

September 3 – September 27, 2021
Viewable in-person during WKC events or by appointment

Bidding was online this year!

Featuring works by Alan Herman, Alex Sader, Amy Helfand, Caitlyn Davey, Charlie Bremer, Editha Mesina, Gayle Brown, Jeanetta Platania Harper, Jehed Diamond, John Jackson, Kamilla Talbot, Karin Bremer, Kevin Larmon, Lanny Harrison, Laura Bredin Hussey, Lee Boroson, Liz Hoheusle, Marilynn Gelfman Karp, Patrick Barnes, Richard Kathmann, Temma Bell, Tracy Jacknow, and Trevor Wilson.
(Pictured above: Tracy Jacknow, Richard Kathmann, Charlie Bremer)

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Kevin Larmon
A tiny tweet
Lanny Harrison
Lee Boroson
Karin Bremer
Beaded Loop Earrings